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Data Validation

Add some floodgates to prevent invalid data reaching the database in the first place. Tight controls ensure clean data for better fundraising results.

Verify Postal Addresses, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses and more with connected services.

The benfits of elimating invalid data allow organistions to make realistic forecasts, boost fulfilment and conversion rates. Use Auto Complete and Form Validation tools to ensure correct data entry. Then leverage connected services to verify authenticity.

Save postal returns by using the actual Post Office database

Floodgate App has one of the highest fulfilment rates in the industy. This is because of our powerful validation tools that take validation to the next level. Customers can see a 15% increase in revenue when using our service in comparison to their previous products.

Key Benefits
Postal Address Lookup

Connect to thousands of Post Offices around the world

Email Validation

Multi level Email Validation and live feedback at the time of data entry

Phone Validation

Fight fraud and keep a clean database with phone number validation

Payment Validation

A combination of Bank Lookup data, algorithmns and live connections to payment gateways

It's easy to track modified data with smart filters. Missing, incorrect or invalid data can be a thing of the past with online, connected services that deliver results in real time.

Making a profitable fundraising channel is difficult. Make it easier on you and the team by giving them tools that make an instant impact.

Matt Taylor, Floodgate App
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