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We use one code set for all our clients. We do not replicate, duplicate or transfer code. This is programming at its best.

Problem solving and offering solutions is our speciality.

This allows us to have a simplified software stack, reducing the time our developers spend on finding bugs and updating code. This dramatically reduces overheads and frees up valuable time to continually innovate and add value to our clients.

The most up to date fundraising app around

One stack means more updates quicker. Private by design ensured every bit of data is always encrypted and private to your organisation. We do not have access or monetise your donor or meta data. We are proud of the level of privacy offered to our clients. Data is the exclusive property of our clients.

The speed of the development team is unrivalled in the market.

Key Benefits

Your usage, meta-data, and donr data is completly private to your organisation

Always Encrypted

Every nugget of information is encrypted for added security

Regular Updates

Benefit from regular updates and new features

We have an amazing team that love problem solving. We are here to take on the challenges of the fundraising industry.

Matt Taylor, Floodgate App
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